CARF Accreditation

DDM is nationally accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). National accreditation is important not only in qualifying DDM to serve as a provider for State and Federal Services, but also ensures we are doing our best to provide the best possible services for our residents. DDM received its first accreditation in 2002, and has since been granted full 3-year accreditation status at each renewal. For information about CARF, visit their website at

In 2017, DDM received another excellent survey report and the maximum three-year accreditation from CARF. Accreditation was given for Community Services, Community Housing, Community Integration, Supported Living, and Governance Standards Applied.

CARF expressed appreciation for many of DDM strengths, such as:

  • DDM has dedicated staff members who appear to have genuine interest and concern for the health, safety, and welfare of the persons served, as demonstrated in the way that persons served communicated and engaged with staff members during the home visit.
  • DDM’s homes are large, located in great locations, decorated nicely, and very accommodating for all persons served living there. The bedrooms of persons served are individualized and well maintained. In addition, the homes are located in areas that allow for many forms of group or individualized community integration.
  • DDM’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its efforts shown in ensuring that the persons’ individualized outcomes are based on their needs and desires, specifically as it relates to community integration. The persons served were excited to talk about the great activities they were involved in.
  • DDM is applauded for its efforts in ensuring that persons served are familiar with and understand their rights.
  • DDM has been a member of its community since 1975. Over the last 41 years, DDM has built a reputation as a quality service provider and supportive community member. The organization is recognized as willing to provide services and successful at providing services to persons served whom many other providers are unwilling to serve.
  • Through interviews, it became clear that DDM has a very dedicated and loyal cadre of staff members. A number of staff members have been with the organization for many years. This creates a large base of institutional knowledge, which the organization employs to its advantage.
  • Family members indicated high satisfaction with DDM’s services and consistently reported that the organization is very supportive, flexible, focused, and responsive to the persons’ support needs in a team environment. One family member said, “They are just good people.”
  • Discussed with management and board members and a review of meeting minutes reveal that DDM enjoys a very active and involved board of trustees who have a close, positive working relationship with management. Trustees meet with management regularly and are closely involved in plotting the organization’s growth and direction.

DDM provides high-quality services to persons in need of community housing, supported living, and community integration. Persons served and their families are satisfied with their services. The positive relationships the staff members have with so many church families allows them opportunities to provide services and live their mission daily.