CARF Accreditation

guys-at-new-hm3-JulyDDM is nationally accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). National accreditation is important not only in qualifying DDM to serve as a provider for State and Federal services, but also ensures we are doing our best to provide the best possible services for our residents. DDM received its first accreditation in 2002, and has since been granted full 3-year accreditation status at each renewal. For information about CARF, visit their website at

In 2014, DDM received another excellent survey report and the maximum three-year accreditation from CARF. Accreditation was given for: Community Services, Community Housing, Community Integration, Supported Living and Governance Standards Applied.

CARF expressed appreciation for many of DDM strengths, such as:

  • The Board of Trustees provides both support and guidance to DDM and is actively engaged in ensuring its financial stability and program development. The members’ compassion, vast expertise, and business experience are invaluable assets to DDM.
  • The detailed strategic plan drives DDM with a clear direction and also supports the organization’s overall mission.
  • The warm and caring spirit of all members of staff and management set a welcoming environment to both the staff and the persons served.
  • DDM has developed many pictorial representations that not only enhance the written policies and procedures, but also make them easy to understand and relate to content.
  • The Risk Management Plan is comprehensive and identifies relevant loss exposures related to the organization and its changing business environment.
  • DDM has built a collaborative relationship with local churches, which has strengthened its connections in the community and helped secure funding when possible.
  • Direct support staff members are very knowledgeable about the persons served, show great care and compassion, and ensure that the quality of life of the persons served is the highest possible.
  • Documentation in the homes is thorough and accurate and also paints an excellent picture of the day of the persons served.
  • The homes are well maintained, located in pleasant areas, and decorated nicely. The bedrooms of the persons served are decorated to the taste and interests of the persons served.
  • Family members and community members have many good things to say about DDM. Many expressed sincere gratitude for the hard work done by its direct support staff and the overall organization.

On balance, DDM provides high-quality services to persons in need of community housing, supported living, and community integration. Persons served and their families are satisfied with their services. The positive relationships the staff members have with so many church families allow them opportunities to provide services and live their mission daily.

Strategic Plan

To view DDM’s strategic plan for 2014 – 2017, click here.