Roswell Resident Sees Milestone Birthday as Opportunity to Give Back

While out for a jog, Roswell resident Gregory DeLoach vividly recalls a moment of reflection about his milestone birthday.

“My second half of life, I wanted to be a little bit more focused in my work, from generalist to specific,” he said.

He is also embracing his birthday as an opportunity to give back.

“I call it 50 for 50,” DeLoach said.

He has launched a fundraising effort to raise $50,000 for Developmental Disabilities Ministries.

“The truth is, I didn’t want anything in particular. What I really wanted were people to celebrate with me by making contributions to Developmental Disabilities Ministries.

He described the fundraiser as “a fun way to raise awareness and funds.”

In anticipation of turning 50, DeLoach accepted the Executive Director position at Development Disabilities Ministries, which gave him the opportunity to continue his focus.

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